One of the most common questions I’m asked when touring buyers through homes is “what’s up with all the crazy abbreviations when I’m looking at houses?”  Yes, the alphabet soup of real estate can get overwhelming.

Here’s some background: Realtors only have a limited number of characters for fields on listings, so when there’s a long list of features that come with a house, we must get creative in how we state things in the MLS.  Here’s a quick overview of some of the more common abbreviations Realtors use that I have run across over the years. If you come across one and it’s not listed here, please comment and add to my list!

  • BR/BA – Bedrooms/Bathrooms
  • DOM – Days on market
  • R1 – zoned for Residential  purpose
  • W/I – Walk In ( as in a walk in closet)
  • W/W – Wall to wall (as in carpet)
  • FP or FPL – Fireplace
  • HDW – Hardwood flooring
  • SP – Swimming Pool
  • ELFs – electric light fixtures
  • B/I – “built-in” (usually used with kitchen appliances and shelves)
  • W/D – washing machine and dryer
  • SS – Stainless steel (usually used before listing the kitchen appliances)
  • F, S, D/W, MI – ‘fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave’. Range hoods generally aren’t listed and are not guaranteed to be included.
  • CAC – central air conditioning. Also CA and CH for central heat or air.
  • CVAC (and att) – central vacuum and attachments
  • GDO+R – Garage door opener(s) and remote(s)
  • HWT – hot water tank – occasionally you’ll find these owned by the homeowner and not rented
  • R/I – “roughed in”, meaning the wiring/plumbing is there, but the item needs to be installed, like a basement bathroom
  • LA – Living Area OR Listing Agent (the agent working with the seller of the home) depending on context
  • Owner is RREA or LA is related to RREA – The listing realtor is the home owner, or the listing agent is related to the homeowner. This is important to note as the realtor has an emotional attachment and/or might not be making much – if anything – as a commission on the sale.

I hope this was helpful. Please feel free to share and comment below on any others you think of or have questions about!  And you can always contact me through my website at



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